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Find Out More About the House of the Star Who’s Adopted Smart Home Technology

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Celebrities often adopt emerging technology faster than most. Here, we look at the former star of a hit Nickelodeon TV show and her smart home.

Smart home technology is a rapidly growing industry. According to Statista, the global industry will reach US$53.5 billion in value by 2022.

Much of this rise has to do with smart home technologies becoming more accessible to the general public. We’re seeing a rise of automation in the home. Automated temperature controls and security are becoming standard features.

What’s interesting is that you can often chart the course of smart home technology if you look at celebrity homes. In many cases, celebrities adopt technology ahead of it becoming viable for regular people.

Here, we’re going to examine Tamera Mowry-Housley’s home. She’s an early adopter of many of the technologies that are now accessible to you.

Tamera’s Smart Home

90’s children may remember Tamera Mowry-Housley from her role on hit Nickelodeon show Sister Sister. Starring alongside her twin sister Tia, Tamera also enjoyed a brief stint as a pop star.

In more recent years, she’s starred in several reality TV shows. Plus, she’s the co-host of American talk show The Real.

However, what’s most interesting about Tamera is that she’s an early adopter of smart home technology. The following are some of the systems she’s installed.

Security System

Tamera has several assistants who require access to her home when she’s away. To help with this, she has a smart security system that allows her to keep track of their movements. To access and exit the property, the assistant has to enter a personalised code. Tamera receives a notification whenever someone enters a code. This allows her to keep track of which assistant is in her home, which acts as a deterrent for malicious activity.

Tamera’s home also features a connected camera system that she can access using an app. A couple of taps of a screen allow her to see what the cameras record, even when she’s away from home.

According to Tamera, this offers her peace of mind at all times. If she hears a suspicious noise in the night, she can quickly check her phone to ensure nothing’s amiss. When she’s away, the system allows her to quickly check in whenever needed.

Temperature Control

Tamera’s home also has a temperature control system that she can adjust using her smartphone. Again, it’s a simple act of accessing an app and make changes.

She notes that this means she can control her home’s temperature when she’s away. For example, she can set the temperature 15-30 minutes before getting back home. As a result, she always comes back to a comfortable home.

Interestingly, her system also has an auto-off feature for every connected device in her home. Using the “Goodbye” command, she can instruct the system to turn all devices off as she leaves. This provides peace of mind, plus it means she potentially saves money on her energy bills.

Whole Home Audio

Tamera points to her whole home audio system as her favourite smart home system. She can use an app to control what music plays where in just a few clicks.

She brings up the example of cooking in the kitchen before having to quickly get ready to leave. Tamera says she can use an app to switch the music from playing in the kitchen to playing in the bedroom without missing a beat.


The Technologies You Need

The good news is that you can access the same systems and technologies that Tamera uses.

Here are two that you can implement today.

A Smart Audio System

Tamera’s audio system allows her to control where her music plays. It essentially allows her music to follow her throughout her home.

This only scratches the surface of what today’s smart audio systems have to offer. For example, Core Innovation Group works closely with URC to install more advanced audio systems in clients’ homes.

URC’s Total Control 2.0 system allows you to install unique matrixed amplifiers in several rooms. These amplifiers have embedded streaming technology. This allows you to stream multiple services using the same system. Currently, it’s compatible with Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, and Google Cast.

With this system, you can emulate what Tamera does with her audio system. However, you can also have audio streaming from different sources playing throughout the home. For example, you could use the system to play music from Spotify Connect in the kitchen. While that plays, you could stream from Google Cast in the bedroom.

This removes the limitations that streaming from a singular source creates. It emulates having multiple stereo systems set up throughout the home. However, it all runs through the same system, making it easier than ever to find and play the music you want when you want it.

Climate Control

Your climate control system can be as simple or as automated as you like.

On the basic end of the scale, you can install thermostats for each room. This is a technology that many homes come with. However, Core Innovation Group can install thermostats through our partner, Crestron®.

Crestron® also offers more advanced climate control technologies. These include their remote temperature and relative humidity sensors.

These clever devices mount to your walls and keep constant track of the climate in your room. You set your preferred temperature and relative humidity levels. When the sensor detects that the climate isn’t to your liking, it communicates with the Crestron® Control System.

The system then alters the climate in the room so that it suits your needs. The sensors even activate adjustments when you’re not at home. That means you always have a comfortable home, just like Tamera.

Bonus Tip – Get a Good Support System

It’s key that you recognise that such systems come in varying levels of complexity. They require proper maintenance in order to function correctly.

A good smart home support system helps you in several ways:

  • It makes transitioning to the use of your new technology much smoother.
  • Ensures that all of your systems run as expected.
  • Helps you to adapt to the increased level of automation in your home.
  • Suggests further smart home technologies that complement those you’ve already installed.

Furthermore, your support team will be able to notify you in the case of a malfunction.

A good maintenance program will help you to stay on top of the technology you install in your home. Key things to look for from a program include:

  • A defined point of contact for you to speak to whenever you have an issue.
  • Fast communication whenever a problem occurs.
  • Expertise in the specific technologies you’ve installed in your home.
  • The ability to discuss potentially complex problems in simple language.

Core Innovation Group makes every effort to ensure the systems we install run above your expectations. That’s why we offer dedicated maintenance and support to ensure you don’t run into issues.

The Final Word

Tamera Mowry-Housley’s smart home uses several technologies that you can access today. Her whole home audio system will soon become the standard. Plus, she achieves peace of mind thanks to her security systems.

Core Innovation Group can provide you with access to several of the systems that she uses. Our partnerships with URC and Crestron® allow us to install climate control and whole home audio systems. Plus, our team provides support from the beginning of the installation through to ongoing maintenance.

Would you like to talk about your current situation and what you can install in your home?

We’re here to help. Just contact Core Innovation Group today to get started.